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The general terms and conditions set forth herein govern the use of the content and services provided by  Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá through its web portal called www.fsfb.org.co. Upon accessing the web portal, the user chooses to use the services, content and other materials, joins and accepts all the conditions mentioned below.
Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá reserves the right to amend or add new conditions without prior notice, and such amendments or additions shall be incorporated immediately and made effective once they are included in this document, and they shall apply to all users.

Information and Services
Use of the information in the web portal and other information resources is allowed with the authorization of the institution and provided credit is given to its authorship. Users that infringe this requirement will be subject to the civil and criminal penalties set forth in national and international copyright Laws.
Users also agree and recognize that Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá is not liable for any claim, loss or damage (direct or indirect) derived from, or related to, the use or reliability of the information contained in this web portal, except in those cases in which liability is mandated by the law.
Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá may change, update and/or eliminate content from the web portal without prior notice to the users, but it will not be held liable for the information or data posted in the website by third parties.
Access to Doctor Chat®, the on-line medical guidance,  requires understanding and acceptance by the user of the specific terms and conditions.

Privacy and confidentiality

Protecting and guaranteeing privacy and confidentiality of all personal information of the users in accordance with the relevant legislation is a key objective at Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá.
 Users may browse the web portal freely; however, access to some specific services in the website requires registering personal information, although users are free to carry out the process or decline.
Every communication or material that users may send to the website through the use of its tools  or through e-mail, chats, forums or any other means, including questions, comments or suggestions, is non-confidential and will be treated as such, and users shall have the sole responsibility over them. On the other hand, any other form of personal information (name, age, address, telephone, ID) provided by the user when using the services and/or content of the website, are confidential and will not be delivered to third parties for any commercial or similar purposes.

Learn about our Data Protection Policy (Habeas Data.)

Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá monitors browsing by the users, and the results of this monitoring may be used for different purposes, provided no personal information is disclosed.
For monitoring, this web portal uses cookies (small packets of information stored in the computer when the user visits a website), your computer’s IP address (unique number used by any electronic device connected to the web for identification purposes and for communicating with others), the time and duration of your visit. This information is not used for user identification or for any other purpose.

Links with third parties from this web portal: the web portal may contain links to web pages/sites that do not belong to  Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá but which are deemed to provide information, updates or training to its users. However, the institution will not have any responsibility over the availability of those websites or for the policies or practices of any third-party links included in its web portal.  However, all links included in the web portal go through a rigorous quality evaluation designed to ensure the reliability of all web pages/sites.
Third-party links in this web portal: Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá is open to third-party organizations or individuals that wish to create links to home pages or individual pages within our web portal without the need for approval; however, organizations and individuals are asked to abide by the following conditions:
 Links must not be used within a context of slander.

  • The web portal URL may change without prior notice to linked sites.
  • The logo and brands of FSFB cannot be copied  when creating links.
  • Creating a link with the web portal does not imply or require a reciprocal link.
  • About advertisements and advertising
    All of the web portal advertisements may be identified by the users in the “News” section or in the Home page. Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá does not host any form of advertising for other organizations and/or products, and it only advertises its own exclusive services or products.

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